Longevity Centres Colonic Hydrotherapy

Colonic and Colon Hydrotherapy

Americans are awash in a sea of toxic chemicals. In 2009, the International Endocrine Society declared that environmental toxins have become a grave concern for public health. A lot of them are Hormone Disruptors such as: "Pseudo-Estrogens", feminizing chemicals that interfere with normal hormonal functioning. They lead to cancers, infertility, reduce sperm count, smaller penises and myriad of other problems.

"You can't make time stand still. We are all steadily accumulating disease-producing toxins, but there is a way to remove toxins and essentially turn back the hands of time."

- "Detoxify or DIE" by Sherry A. Rogers, M.D.


Since our environment is full of toxins {Food, Air, Water}, it takes a multi-modality process to combat it. The Physicians of the Longevity Centres of America are proud to present a combination of complementary therapies: Chelation, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Far Infrared Therapy and Colon Hydrotherapy.

A key component to the detoxification process is Colon Hydrotherapy. Colon Hydrotherapy or Colon Cleansing is a gentle and effective process of introducing warm purified water into the large intestine {Colon} to wash out the toxins that build up in the large intestine. It also procedure also stimulates the liver and lymphatic system to activate deep tissue cleansing. Chlorophyll implants are introduced to relax the colon and further the work of detoxification.

Colon Hydrotherapy is useful for those who suffer:

  • Constipation

  • Diarrhea

  • Excessive Gas

  • Digestive Disturbances

  • Distended Abdomen

  • Intestinal Dysbiosis {an intestinal lack of a balanced gut flora}

  • Frequent Yeast Infections

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“The Solution to Pollution is Dilution”

Colon hydrotherapy, is a safe, effective method of removing waste from the large intestine via High Volume / Low {Gentle} Pressure Colon irrigation. By introducing dual-filtered & UV treated water into the colon, the waste is softened and loosened, resulting in evacuation through natural peristalsis. This process is repeated a few times during a session. Colon hydrotherapy’s best benefits the body when used in combination with associated detoxification modalities {ie: Oral Supplementation, Far Infrared Therapy, Chelation Therapy…etc.}.

The average Colon is 5-6 feet long. To effectively irrigate/cleanse the colon, a simple enema will not do…neither will a “Home Colonic Kit” because it is simply an Enema Kit that erroneously called a Colonic Kit. An Enema has the ability to irrigate 6-12 inches of Rectum {That’s Rectum….not Colon} effectively. It takes a Professional with a Professional Grade Colonic Irrigation System to be able to irrigate all 5-6 feet of colon safely and effectively.

The benefits of a Full {aka: High} Colonic Irrigation Include:

  • Complete Colon Tissue Cleansing: Removes impacted fecal material and bathes the colonic tissue with soothing and rejuvenating water

  • An Excellent Procedure to have performed prior to a screening Colonoscopy

  • Corrects and potentially normalizes Peristalsis which in turn keeps us “Regular”

  • Hydration: Both the retained fecal material and the body are hydrated to relief.

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“The Longevity Centre’s M.D. Difference…The Implant”

The physicians of the Longevity Centres of America strongly feel that a Colon Hydrotherapy Procedure is only 50% complete when performed without the Implant. We consider the procedure of Colon Hydrotherapy to be the Preparation Phase for the Implant which we consider the Treatment Phase. What is the Implant? The Colon Implant is a specifically prepared therapeutic solution that is administered at the procedure’s end and is known to promote and enhance the Colon’s Health. Common Implant ingredients include: Chlorophyll, Vitamins, Minerals, Essential Oils….and more.

The Longevity Centres of America Provides Colon Implants that are:

  • MD Prescribed

  • MD Supervised

  • MD Effective

  • MD Safe

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“Superior Equipment Leads to Superior Therapeutic Results”

Just as a Surgeon would never choose a Dull Blade for his/her surgical procedures or an Internist prescribing of expired medications, the physicians of the Longevity Centres of America did not skimp on our choice of Colon Hydrotherapy Equipment. We exclusively use the Aquanet EC 2000…the industry’s Gold Standard of Colonic Hydrotherapy. Our minimal accepted standard is the Gold Standard.

The Aquanet EC 2000 is the safest and most effective Colon Hydrotherapy Device in the Professional Medical Industry. Features include:

  • Dual Mode Capable: Same Treatment Gravity and/or Pressure provides a Gentle and Comprehensive Whole Colon Irrigation Treatment Session. The Aquanet EC 2000 is the ONLY System in the World that has this capability

  • Precision Flow Valve Control allows the operator to Accurately gauge the amount of water that flows into the colon

  • Applied Pressure Sensing Technology {APST}: This technology automatically senses the pressure within the colon and automatically adjusts the flow of water appropriately. This provides the most comfortable treatment possible by never allowing the colon to over pressurize = over distend.

  • Tightly controlled temperature regulation is a built-in feature that will automatically shut off the water intake if the temperature isn’t “Just Right”

  • The water intake is submitted to a rigorous 3-stage purification process that renders the intake water to be of Filtered Drinking Water Quality

    • Stage 1: Water Sediment Filtration: Removes the microscopic dirt that is found in Tap Water

    • Stage 2: Chlorine and other organic toxin Filtration: Removes the microscopic chemical toxins that are found in Tap Water

    • Stage 3: Ultraviolet Sterilization: Kills unwanted pathogens like Bacteria, Viruses and Mold Spores

  • Dual Colon Cleaning & Disinfecting System: Most other devices are designed to clean the exit pathway only. The Aquanet EC 2000 is able to sterilize the exit pathway as well as the internal water lines

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“The Road to Longevity is Paved with Good Intestines”

From the earliest days of Medicine in ancient Egypt, the practice of colon hydrotherapy {aka: Colonics} in the form of a basic enema, have provided people with colon cleansings with the Ebers Papyrus, at least twenty gastrointestinal complaints. {Bettman, O.L. A Pictorial History of Medicine. (Springfield, Illinois: Charles C. Thomas, 1956), p.6.}

But in the modern era it was J. H. Kellogg, MD, of Battle Creek, Michigan, to rediscover the healthy benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy. Dr. Kellogg’s publication of his article in the Journal of the American Medical Association praising the procedure’s efficacy for saving a dysfunctional large bowel put Colon Hydrotherapy back into Medicine. {Kellogg, J.H. “Should the colon be sacrificed or may it be reformed? JAMA LXVIII (26): 1957-1959, June 30,1917}

Today, a growing number of Traditional Medical Providers are embracing Colon Hydrotherapy for its long-know benefits. The physicians of the Longevity Centres of America have long recognized the connection between our Gastrointestinal Health and Whole Body Health. We also recognize the need to provide a comprehensive program that does not rely on the “Silver Bullet” mentality that Colon Hydrotherapy is a Cure-All, but an excellent colon therapy that is best utilized as a component of a Full Health Restoration and Wellness Program.

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